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Personalized Medicine in Oncology is a peer-reviewed journal serving the informational needs of oncologists related to precision medicine and the next generation of oncologic care.

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  • <a href="/all-articles/234386:serial-biopsies-identify-treatment-resistance-and-inform-therapy-decisions-in-patients-with-advanced-solid-malignancies">Serial Biopsies Identify Treatment Resistance and Inform Therapy Decisions in Patients with Advanced Solid Malignancies</a>
  • <a href="/all-articles/222306:low-grade-gliomas-as-a-model-malignancy-for-preventing-oncogenic-signaling-through-braf-inhibition">Low-Grade Gliomas as a Model Malignancy for Preventing Oncogenic Signaling Through BRAF Inhibition</a>
  • <a href="/all-articles/222304:recent-advances-in-therapeutic-targeting-of-nrg1-fusion-bearing-cancers">Recent Advances in Therapeutic Targeting of NRG1 Fusion-Bearing Cancers</a>

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COMMANDS Study Results May Shift the Treatment of Patients With Lower-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Please join Guillermo Garcia-Manero, MD, from MD Anderson Cancer Center, as he discusses how the clinical benefits of luspatercept could lead to a new standard of care for patients with transfusion-dependent lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes.

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Featured Supplements

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