Second Annual Global Biomarkers Consortium Clinical Approaches to Targeted Technologies

Part 1: Second Annual Global Biomarkers Consortium Clinical Approaches to targeted Technologies

Professor Rob Coleman/Razelle Kurzrock MDn

Part 2: Taking Stock of Molecular Oncology Biomarkers: Bioinformatics

Professor Dr. Ulrich Mansmann/Professor Rob Colemank

Part 3: Understanding Cancer at the Molecular Level: From Cancer Genes to Precision Medicines and Biomarkers

Paul Workman

Part 4: How I treat My Patients with Metastatic Melanoma

Sanjiv S Agarwala/Lojas Pusztai

Part 5: Use of Biomarkers in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

G. David Roodman/Christopher Sweeney/Mark Levis

Part 6: Divide and Concur: Addressing Lymphoma Heterogeneity Through Biomarker-Driven Trials in Lymphoma

Anas Younes

Part 7: Can You Patent Biomarkers?

Aaron Seth Kesselheim

Part 8: Review of Saturday’s Presentations and Preview of Today

Jorge E. Cortes/Roy S. Herbst

Part 9: How I Treat My Patients with MDS Optimal Value-Based Use of Molecular Biomarkers in Oncology

Rami Komrokji

Part 10: How I Treat My Patients with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Francesco Passamonti

Part 11: The Challenges of Biomarker-Based Clinical Trials

Roy S. Herbst/Alex A. Adjei

Part 12: Use of NGS to Identify Actionable Genomic Alterations in Diverse Solid Tumor Types

Gary A. Palmer

Part 13: Development of Gene-Expression Tests for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Avrum Spira

Part 14: Making Personalized Medicine a Reality: The Realization of Genomic Medicine

Scott A. Tomlins

Part 15: The Future of Personalized Medicine in Oncology: Practical Considerations

Razelle Kurzrock