2013 World Cutaneous Malignancies Congress Virtual Conference

Part 1.World Cutaneous Malignancies Congress

SanJiv Arguwala, Jeffery Sosman

Part 2. Tumor Growth and Development

Steven Nelson, Alain Rook

Part 3. Etiology of “Spontaneous” and Drug-Induced Tumors

Jean Yuh Tong

Part 4. Pathogenesis of Merkel Cell Carcimona: An Infectioner Etiology

Paul Nghiem

Part 5. General Session II: Current Treatment Guidelines in Cutaneous Malignancies

Sanjiv Agarwala

Part 6. Surgical Options for BCC & SCC

Ralph Massey, Paul Nghiem

Part 7. Current Treatment Guidelines for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

Madeleine Duvic

Part 8. Case Studies- Advanced BCC

Dirk Schadendorf, Christopher Bichakjim

Part 9. Session III: Review of Prevention and Emerging Treatment Options for Cutaneous Malgnancies

Axel Hauschild, Steven O’Day

Part 10. Emerging BCC Therapies: Challenges & Future Directions

Aleksander Sekulic- Shailender Bhatia

Part 11. Emerging Treatment Options for CTCL

Pierluigi Porcu, Kurgen Becker

Part 12. General Session IV: An Interdisciplining Approach to Patient Care

Maria Martins-Lopes

Part 13. General Session V: What I learned at Recent Meetings

Alain Rook

Part 14. What I learned at ASCO 2013

Sanjiv Argarwala

Part 15. Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion