Challenge of Sustainable Pricing Model

Alexander Bastian speaks about the need for a sustainable model of pricing as related to cancer treatments and drug development. He talks about indication-based pricing or tumor-based pricing—says that is compelling, but not necessarily possible in the US.

Alexander Bastian

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The Pricing Evolution of Personalized Medicines

Grant Lawless discusses the changing landscape of pricing personalized medicines

Grant D. Lawless, RPh, MD, FACP

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The Cost of Personalized Medicine

Jayson Slotnik discusses the cost structure of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in personalized medicine

Jayson Slotnik, JD, MPH

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Developing an Accurate Price Model for Personalized Medicines

Randy Vogenberg discusses the complexities of developing pricing for personalized medicine products

Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh

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Absorbing the Cost of Personalized Medicine

Matthew Palmgren discusses the benefits of personalized medicines

Matthew C. Palmgren, PharmD

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