September 2014, Vol 3, No 6

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PMO: Recognizing the Many Principles Governing the Personalized Medicine Movement


Letter to Our Readers

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of our Editorial Board and staff, I’d like to thank you for your readership of Personalized Medicine in Oncology (PMO). We hope that you have become familiar with our mission and the content of PMO. When you flip through our pages and browse our website, you will see that we are at the forefront of the effort to replace empiric trial-and-error treatment with that of personally tailored treatment. We provide an indispensable forum to share information on how to practice personalized medicine. But more importantly, we are the only journal focused on unifying oncologists and pathologists. The collaboration between these 2 specialties helps to identify actionable markers, apply the appropriate therapy, and achieve better patient outcomes.

As you know, a massive amount of information exists related to many principles governing the personalized medicine movement. Topics influencing personalized medicine include: genetics, diagnostics, targeted therapeutics, pathology and interdisciplinary team involvement, policy and regulation, and value in cancer care. All play a vital role in bringing personalized medicine to your patients and all are covered in our pages.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed tremendous strides toward individualizing treatment through our increased knowledge in molecular pathology. As a result, communication between oncologist and pathologist has never been more critical and the role of molecular pathology has become of paramount importance in decision-making. Issues surrounding molecular pathology and clinical decision making are regularly featured in PMO.

PMO is a crucial delivery method in disseminating this information to those in the oncology community. It is our most sincere hope that PMO is a valuable resource to you in the care of your patients.

We welcome your feedback and participation. Please contact us at with your comments, request, and ideas. Likewise, please contact us if you are interested in participating on our editorial board or peer-review board. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Coeditor in Chief
Personalized Medicine in Oncology

Value-Based Cancer Care - September 23, 2014

Patients Want But Aren’t Getting Up-Front Discussions About the Cost of Their Cancer Therapy

Most cancer patients want cost-of-treatment discussions. When they do take place, these discussions do not lead to negative feelings in most patients, according to a survey of cancer patients. Unfortunately, few oncologists participating in a separate survey felt comfortable when discussing cost with patients, found Ronan J. Kelly, MD, and [ Read More ]

Uncategorized - September 23, 2014

What Makes a Treatment “Clinically Meaningful”?

Two presentations at ASCO struck Jennifer Malin, MD, PhD, medical director of oncology at WellPoint, Inc, as good examples of value in cancer care, while many others did not make the value-based list. Malin described these studies at an ASCO Highlights of the Day session. ASCO’s Proposed Criteria for Clinically [ Read More ]