Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain, Part 4 of 5 Epidemiologic Assessments of Abuse-Deterrent Formulations

Epidemiologic Assessments of Abuse-Deterrent Formulations

Prescription opioid abuse is a significant public health concern in the United States, particularly abuse of controlled-release formulations that contain higher opioid content.1 The enormous abuse potential of prescription opioids is now well-recognized, and strategies to mitigate these risks are being implemented.1,2 This article provides an overview of the government’s [ Read More ]

Sabeeha Muneer, PhD

Abuse-Deterrent Formulations: An Early Epidemiologic Appraisal

A prescription opioid addiction and abuse epidemic has been escalating in the United States over the past 2 decades, having progressively developed into a pressing national public health concern.1 The Institute of Medicine, which was enlisted by the US Department of Health & Human Services to examine pain as a [ Read More ]

Ofer M. Wellisch, MD, MPH

Are We Winning the War on Drugs?

Since the early 1970s, the United States has declared a war on drugs, focusing on ways in which to reduce the use and abuse of illicit and addicting drugs. In addition to law enforcement strategies, the pharmaceutical industry has played a role in trying to curb misuse and abuse of [ Read More ]

Atheer Kaddis, PharmD

Assessing Abuse-Deterrent Formulations: Much Work Still Remains

The human toll from opioid-related abuse and misuse in the United States is a serious public health problem that must be addressed on all fronts. According to the American Society for Addiction Medicine, 46 Americans die each day from prescription opioid overdoses, which translates to 2 deaths per hour and [ Read More ]

Gary M. Owens, MD