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637article: Alternative Payment Models and the Future of Personalized Medicine
637article: The Fourth Annual World Cutaneous Malignancies Congress
637article: Care Pathway for NSCLC Cuts Chemotherapy Charges
637article: New CLL-IPI Scoring System Validated as Clinically Applicable
637article: IDH1 Gene and ATRX Gene Prognostic in Anaplastic Astrocytoma
637article: Combination Targeted and Immunotherapy Feasible in Advanced Melanoma
637article: GADOLIN Trial: Obinutuzumab Moves into Indolent Lymphoma
637article: Molecular Subtype-Specific Therapy in DLBCL
637article: Leukemia Stem Cell Phenotypes Associated with Outcomes
637article: Considerations in Genetic Testing
637article: Sonidegib Responses Improve by Use of Less Stringent Assessment Criteria in BCC
637article: Case Presentation: Targeted Therapy in Metastatic Melanoma
637article: Regulatory Processes Slow Application of Genetic Tests
637article: Predictive Potential of Molecular Biomarkers Promises to Enhance Precision Medicine in Oncology
637article: Molecular Pathways in Cancer Are Increasingly Being Exploited
637article: New Methods for Surveillance and Preclinical Modeling Highlight Cancer Biomarker Research
637article: Genetic Drivers Identified in Premalignancy; Next Step Is Targeting Them for Prevention
637article: A Genetic-Based Approach to Individualized Prostate Cancer Screening and Treatment
637article: Challenges in Treating Multiple Myeloma and the Impact of New Oral Oncolytics
637article: Showcasing the Success of Precision Medicine
636article: Immunotherapy Makes Headwinds into Liver Cancer
636article: Targeted and Immunologic Approaches to Brain Metastases
636article: Treating with Checkpoint Inhibitors—Figure $1 Million per Patient
636article: Searching for the Tipping Point in Drug Pricing
636article: ASCO’s Value Initiative: A Case-Based Approach
636article: Aetna Examines Cost by Site of Service
636article: Enhanced Reimbursement for Oncology Services Pays for Patient-Centered Care
636article: Cost-Effectiveness of T-DM1 Examined
636article: Urine Assays Detect Early Mutations in Patients with Advanced Cancers
636article: Docetaxel Boosts Survival in Hormone-Naive Metastatic Prostate Cancer
636article: Bevacizumab Wins Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in First-Line Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
636article: Adding Radiation to First-Line FOLFOX Reduces Progression of Liver Metastases in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
636article: T-DM1 Not Superior to Standard of Care in First-Line Metastatic Breast Cancer
636article: Oral Nicotinamide Prevents Common Skin Cancers
636article: Ibrutinib Reduces Risk of Progression in Previously Treated CLL
636article: Activating KIR Genes Implicated in Development of MDS
636article: Genetic Abnormality Pinpointed for Intensive Therapy in Wilms Tumor
636article: Lenvatinib Warrants Further Study in mRCC
636article: Elotuzumab, a First-in-Class Monoclonal Antibody Immunotherapy, Improves Outcomes in Patients with Multiple Myeloma
636article: Combination Immunotherapy Superior to Monotherapy in Patients with Melanoma
636article: Encouraging Results for Pembrolizumab in Head and Neck Cancer
636article: ABCs of Immunotherapy
636article: Pembrolizumab in Colorectal Cancer: Can Benefit Be Predicted?
636article: Early Data for ANTI–PD-L1 in Urothelial Bladder Cancer
636article: Sharing the Best of ASCO
636article: Nivolumab Is Superior to Docetaxel as Second-Line Therapy for Patients with NSCLC
636article: Clues to Patient Selection for Lenvatinib in Thyroid Cancer
636article: Biomarkers for Nivolumab
636article: Immunotherapies Steal the Show at ASCO
634article: Immunotherapy May Prolong Recurrence-Free Survival in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
634article: Checkpoint Blockade: Durable Responses in Lung and Kidney Cancers and Metastatic Melanoma
634article: Case: “Difficult-to-Operate” Basal Cell Carcinoma
634article: CAR T-Cell Therapy for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Review of the Phase 1 Clinical Trials
634article: Vaccines for the Treatment of Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
634article: Checkpoint Modulation for Lung Cancer
634article: Sharing Experiences with Immunotherapy: Call for Case Studies
633article: ASCO Launches First-Ever Clinical Trial: Aims to Learn from Patients with Advanced Cancer Who Lack Standard Treatment Options
633article: Genomic Sequencing for Pancreatic Cancer
633article: PARP Inhibitor and PI3K Inhibitor Combo in Breast and Ovarian Cancers
633article: DNA Blood Testing May Be an Alternative to Tumor Sampling for Identifying EGFR Mutations
633article: Case Studies: Incorporating Molecular Biomarkers into Therapy for Breast Cancer Is Fraught with Difficulty
633article: Case: Former Smoker with Well-Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of the Lung
633article: The RET Oncogene in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Review of the Current Literature and Directions for the Future
633article: BRAF Mutations: An Old Oncogene and a New Target in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
633article: Expanding Options for EGFR-Mutant Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer with Afatinib
633article: Understanding Implications of the Proposed FDA Regulation of Laboratory Developed Tests
633article: The Increasingly Important Role of Pathology in Oncology Patient Care
630article: President Obama’s Bet on Personalized Medicine
630article: NRAS Mutation Impacts Response to Immune Therapies in Melanoma
630article: PROSTVAC plus Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Evidence of Improved Overall Survival in Prostate Cancer
630article: Cell Cycle Progression Test Impacts Treatment Decisions
630article: Renal Cell Carcinoma Roundup: Immune checkpoint inhibitors show promise
630article: PD-L1: Promising MIUC Therapy for cNAC Nonresponders
630article: Immuno-Oncology Combination Approaches for Lung Cancer
630article: FDA Approves Opdivo (Nivolumab) for the Treatment of Patients with Previously Treated Metastatic Squamous Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
630article: The Need for Immunotherapeutic Approaches for Lung Cancer
630article: The Commercialization Process of Immunotherapies:

An Interview with Olivier Lesueur and Rachel Laing, PhD

630article: Exploring Advances in Immunotherapy
629article: President Obama’s Bet on Personalized Medicine
629article: What Is a Navigator?
629article: No Role for Adjuvant Sorafenib or Sunitinib in Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer
629article: AR-V7 Predicts Chemotherapy Sensitivity in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
629article: Cabozantinib in Prostate Cancer Patients with Bone Metastasis
629article: Biomarkers of the mTOR Pathway in Breast Cancer
629article: Two Cases of Triple-Hit Lymphoma: A Call for Imperative MYC, BCL2, and BCL6 Testing by FISH in Aggressive Lymphomas
629article: Confirming Diagnoses and Identifying Biomarkers Linked to Targeted Treatments with the bioT3 Approach
628article: Bristol-Myers Squibb to Expand Its Immuno-Oncology Pipeline with Agreement to Acquire Flexus Biosciences, Inc
628article: PD-L1 Inhibitor Pembrolizumab Produces Good Responses in Advanced Gastric Cancer
628article: Exploring Immune Checkpoint Blockade for Glioblastoma
628article: Vaccines for Glioblastoma
628article: Targeting EGFRvIII in Glioblastoma
628article: Immunotherapy in Glioblastoma, the Most Lethal Form of Brain Cancer
628article: The Reach of Immunotherapy: Focus on Glioblastoma
627article: To Regulate or Not to Regulate Laboratory-Developed Tests, That Is the Question
627article: FACT SHEET: President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative
627article: Basket Trials Based on Genomics Hold Promise
627article: PARP Inhibitors in Gynecologic Cancer: More Questions Than Answers
627article: Scientific Exploration of Obesity and Breast Cancer Link
627article: Genomic Panel Likely to Be Cost-effective in AML
627article: Personalizing Myeloma Treatment Can Limit the Use of Expensive Drugs