AACR & ASCO 2021 - Midyear Review

Clinical Outcomes for Plasma-Based Genomic Profiling versus Tissue Testing in Advanced NSCLC (NILE)

Therapeutic outcomes based on plasma-based comprehensive genomic profiling are comparable to published tissue-based targeted therapy clinical outcomes in non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Combination Therapies and New Molecular Targets—Presentations from AACR 2021

Dr David Spigel reviews potentially practice-changing data on EGFR-TKI combination therapies in NSCLC, new approaches to advanced NSCLC and CNS involvement, and hopeful early data with novel targeted agents.

Key Abstracts from ASCO 2021 in NSCLC

Dr Mark Socinski reviews a broad variety of studies, including the evolving role of EGFR inhibitors and immunotherapy in NSCLC, the benefits of immunotherapy plus chemotherapy, and the impact of immune-related adverse events on clinical outcomes in NSCLC.

Practice-Changing Data in NSCLC from ASCO 2021

Dr Mark Socinski provides his insights into important new data on EGFR inhibitors and immunotherapy in the first-line setting for NSCLC.

Exciting New Data Presented on NSCLC at AACR 2021

Dr David Spigel discusses key presentations on immunotherapy and targeted therapy in the neoadjuvant and adjuvant settings in NSCLC.