Use of FDA-Approved and Laboratory-Developed Tests in Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Results of a Retrospective Market Analysis

Céline M. Audibert, PhD1; Michael B. Shea2; Daniel J. Glass, PhD1; Marina L. Kozak, PhD2; Alexis P. Caze, PharmD1; Ryan M. Hohman, JD2; Jeff D. Allen, PhD2; Ellen V. Sigal, PhD2; Jonathan S. Leff1
1Deerfield Institute, New York, NY, and Epalinges, Switzerland 2Friends of Cancer Research, Washington, DC

A variety of molecular tests are currently in use to detect oncogenic driver mutations in patients with non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), particularly in those with advanced-stage adenocarcinoma.1-4 For some time, molecular testing in the United States has been complicated by the regulatory environment, which is currently divided between the [ Read More ]

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