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Robert E. Henry

Authored Items

The Affordable Care Act and Oncology Personalized Medicine: Compatibility and the Governing Dynamics of Healthcare

April 2013, Vol 2, No 2 - The Last Word

Our last column examined the tripartite nature of healthcare: a clinical/business/policy entity with each of the 3 sectors influencing the net condition of healthcare. While the healthcare entity should act in balance, in reality each sector periodically springs forward with powerful initiatives and “takes charge” of healthcare until another sector [ Read More ]

Personalized Medicine in Oncology: The Landscape of the Next Generation of Cancer Care

May 2012, Vol 1, No 1 - Uncategorized

Personalized medicine. Innovation’s 21st century poster child … and bastion of medical uncertainty, wishful thinking, and unfulfilled aspirations striking terror into the ledger sheets of payers unable to cope with conventional (empirical) medicine. Mastering personalized medicine (PM) requires an awareness of its governing dynamics, understanding that it exists in many [ Read More ]

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