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Pediatric Cancer Care

Fifth Issue, Series Three - Uncategorized

There is nothing that pulls at my heart strings more than the sight of a young child dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. This issue of Conquering the Cancer Care Continuumâ„¢ focuses on pediatric cancer care, a challenging area of oncology management, but one in which amazing progress is being [ Read More ]

Advances in Side Effect Management

Third Issue, Series Three - Uncategorized

Among the various types of treatment that a patient with cancer may undergo, chemotherapy is associated with the greatest concerns with respect to side effects. Although patients may comprehend the importance of receiving chemotherapy as a key component of their treatment plan, the fear of adverse events (AEs) is always [ Read More ]

Access to Care

Second Issue, Series Three - Uncategorized

This second issue of Conquering the Cancer Care Continuumâ„¢ focuses on the serious nature of the problems associated with access to care. Whether it be access to cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up care, it is an issue that remains unresolved. Some models aimed at early detection, such as the [ Read More ]

Good Manufacturing Practice

First Issue, Series Three - Uncategorized

I am very excited to announce our Third Annual Conquering the Cancer Care Continuum newsletter series. These publications will continue to address highly relevant topics in oncology management. The first issue focuses on current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and includes articles written by a clinical oncology pharmacist, an oncology nurse [ Read More ]

The Importance of Survivorship Care Plans

Fifth Issue, Series Two - Uncategorized

In this issue of Conquering the Cancer Care Continuum you will learn about a hot topic that most cancer centers and oncologists are struggling to make a reality: survivorship care plans for all cancer survivors at the end of (acute) treatment, coupled with a comprehensive treatment summary. There is good [ Read More ]

Personalized Treatment Planning

Fourth Issue, Series Two - Uncategorized

The fourth issue of Conquering the Cancer Care Continuum series addresses Treatment Planning Through the Cancer Care Continuum. Following are 2 key articles to provide insight into the role of the clinical pharmacologist as a member of the multidisciplinary team working collaboratively to render recommendations about treatment planning options. Gone [ Read More ]

Introduction to Oncology Pain Management

Second Issue, Series Two - Uncategorized

In part 2 of our Conquering the Cancer Care Continuum series, the focus is on pain management. Despite dramatic improvements in pharmaceutical agents, as well as surgical procedures designed to help control pain, we still have a long way to go to be successful on behalf of our patients. I [ Read More ]

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