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181video: Targeted Therapies and their Impact on Melanoma
181video: Discussing Cost and Value with Patients
181video: Assessing the Value of Cancer Treatments
758video: The Cost of Cancer Care from a Patient Perspective
758video: Incorporating Value into Treatment Decision
758video: Introducing New Agents into the Standard of Care
757video: Navigating the High Cost of Cancer Treatments
757video: Incorporating Value and Cost-Awareness in Drug Development
631video: Making Cancer Care More Cost-Effective
631video: How to Improve the Cost of Cancer Treatments
181video: Advances in Personalized Medicine and Immuno-oncology
758video: Precision Medicine’s Impact on Patient Care
757video: Personalized Medicine’s Impact on Cancer Care
757video: Improving the Standard of Care
631video: How Does the Precision Medicine Revolution Affect Cancer Care?
631video: The Status of the Standard of Care for Cancer Patients
733video: Managing Costs in Oncology Care
733video: CancerTREATMENT NGS+ in the Clinic
733video: CancerTYPE ID in the Clinic
733video: Clinical Validation of CancerTYPE ID
733video: The bioT3 Platform
733video: Unclear Diagnoses in Patients with Metastatic Disease
732video: Precision Medicine for CLL
732video: Combining Novel Agents for CLL
732video: Ibrutinib and ABT199 for CLL
731video: The Molecular Biology of Myeloma
731video: Blending Treatments Worldwide for Multiple Myeloma
730video: Challenge of Sustainable Pricing Model
730video: Integrating Cost into Treatment
730video: Value in Cancer Care
730video: New Targets = Better Standard of Care
730video: Improving Standard of Care Through Variety
729video: Beginnings of Personalized Medicine for Myeloma
729video: Improving Myeloma Outcomes
729video: Reality of the ASPIRE Study
693video: The Global Challenge of Personalized Medicines
693video: In Pursuit of Targeted Therapies
721video: BCI Payer Education
721video: BCI and Adherence
721video: BCI Affects and Survivorship
721video: Benefits of Breast Cancer Index
721video: When to Use Breast Cancer Index
694video: How to Better Establish Clinical Utility for Tests in Personalized Medicine
694video: Is Research Translating to Meaningful Treatment to Patients?
694video: Personalizing Cancer Treatment Based on Unique Genetic Profile
694video: Patients Understanding their Cancer and Treatment Options
694video: Foundation Medicine on a Molecular Level
719video: Affordable High Quality Care for Patients
719video: Managing Oncology Costs in Polycythemia Vera
719video: Payer Tools for Patient Care
719video: Costs of Treatment in Polycythemia Vera
719video: Optimal Value-Based Therapy
719video: Payer Coverage in Polycythemia Vera
647video: Referrals for Patients with Polycythemia Vera
647video: New Data on PV Studies
647video: Important Tools to Educate Patients with PV
647video: Options for Patients with Polycythemia Vera
647video: Unmet Clinical Needs in Polycythemia Vera
647video: Success of Cytoreductive Therapy
647video: Approaches of Therapy for PV Treatment
710video: New Data Coming Out of ASCO
710video: Useful Patient Tools Available for Patients with Polycythemia Vera
710video: System Burdens of Polycythemia Vera
710video: Treatment Approach with Hydoxyurea
710video: Risks with Cytoreductive Therapy
710video: Approaching Unmet Clinical Needs in Polycythemia Vera
710video: Success and Failure on PV Treatment Approach
710video: Importance of Cytoreductive Therapy
709video: PV Support Groups and Resources
709video: QOL Issues in Polycythemia Vera
709video: Value of Medication Adherence in Polycythemia Vera
709video: Managing and Navigating Patients with Polycythemia Vera
708video: Defining the Role of Pharmacists in Polycythemia Vera
708video: The Changing Role of Pharmacists
708video: Navigating Through the Healthcare System
708video: Pharmacy Services Provided to Patients with Polycythemia Vera
708video: Value of Specialty Pharmacy in Polycythemia Vera
656video: Pilot Payer-Provider Collaborations
177video: Communicating Value of Personalized Medicine to All Stakeholders in Healthcare
177video: The Value Equation and Personalized Medicine
177video: Oncology and the Affordable Care Act
177video: Refining the Treatment Paradigm Through Targeted Molecular Pathways
177video: Selecting the Appropriate Test for Individual Patients and Tumors
177video: Benefits of Congresses and Journals in Educating on Personalized Medicine
177video: Providing the Right Information on Target Therapy to the Oncology Community
177video: Personalized Medicine and the Impact on the Pharmaceutical Company
177video: Personalized Medicine and Drug Development/Approval
177video: Defining Personalized Medicine in Melanoma and Cutaneous Malignancies
658video: PMO Interview with the Innovator Series: Volume 6
635video: Value Proposition of Personalized Medicine
657video: Value of Personalized Medicine Specialty Medicines
635video: The Value of Personalized Medicine
657video: The Pricing Evolution of Personalized Medicines
657video: The Greatest Value of Personalized Medicine
655video: The Cost of Personalized Medicine
618video: Realizing the Value in Personalized Medicine
657video: Personalized Medicine and the Affordable Care Act
656video: Personalized Care and the Value Proposition
654video: Justifying the Value of Personalized Medicine
637video: Developing an Accurate Price Model for Personalized Medicines