February 2015, Vol 4, No 1

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Enthusiasm Mounts in the Personalized Medicine Movement

Letter to Our Readers

Dear Colleague,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2015 volume of Personalized Medicine in Oncology (PMO). We are extremely enthusiastic about the forthcoming, much anticipated advances in the personalized medicine movement this year. And we’re not the only ones. Of course, those of us in the oncology community are acutely aware of the vast amount of research that has gone into establishing personalized medicine as the goal of oncology care, but now the nation at large has become aware of the promise of personalized medicine too, as exemplified even in the president’s State of the Union address last month.

More than ever, we are marching toward a future where the combination of past progress and current technologies promises to advance our ability to provide the most effective, including cost-effective, care for our patients with cancer. All of which are reflected in our pages. This year, you will note the following in PMO:

  • Interview with the Innovators 2015 series: We will present eye-opening, provocative, and informative interviews with those who are shaping the landscape of personalized care in oncology
  • Innovator of the Year award: Meet the current Innovator of the Year, recognized by PMO for his incredible contributions to the personalized medicine movement
  • Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC): Our collaboration with PMC continues with the column by Dr Edward Abrahams, The Last Word

In addition, we are delighted to announce a 2015 volume of our sister publication, Immunotherapy in Oncology, to specifically cover advances in this timely and exciting realm of oncology.

Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm in the quest to personalize care by being part of our reading community. We are looking forward to a bright future in which we are able to improve the lives of our patients.


Coeditor in Chief
Personalized Medicine in Oncology

Uncategorized - February 19, 2015

Basket Trials Based on Genomics Hold Promise

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Uncategorized - February 19, 2015

Personalizing Myeloma Treatment Can Limit the Use of Expensive Drugs

For patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma, clinicians are moving from doublet to triplet regimens. Cleveland Clinic myeloma specialists, however, have found that most patients can be sufficiently – and less expensively – treated with 2 drugs, reserving the use of the third agent for patients who respond insufficiently to [ Read More ]