December 2013, Vol 2, No 8

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Happy Holidays From the PMO Editorial Board

Happy Holidays From the PMO Editorial Board

Dear Colleague,

As we close out another year, we would like to thank you, our Personalized Medicine in Oncology reading community, for your support, encouragement, and loyal readership. We have relied on your guidance throughout our 2-year tenure to put forth the best possible journal addressing personalized medicine in all its forms. The successes that personalized medicine has effected are not just in changing prognoses but also in changing the culture of medicine regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The possibilities in personalizing treatment are immensely greater than anything we have seen in the past. To this end, we strive to bring you the ways in which personalizing treatments impact your practice. In our pages you will find topics related to the following:

Biomarkers and Diagnostics
PMO provides in-depth articles on genetic mutations, protein expressions, and other indicators and their implications for treatment in different subsets of patients with cancer

Case Studies
To enhance reader learning, PMO offers case studies from presentations by key opinion leaders at the Global Biomarkers Consortium conference and the World Cutaneous Malignancies Congress

Harnessing the power of the immune system to combat cancer is not a new idea; however, the new generation of immunotherapeutic agents has captured the imagination of the oncology community and sparked a renewed interest in the potential capabilities of an empowered immune system. PMO explores the new generation of immunotherapies as monotherapy as well as in combination with molecularly targeted therapies

Interview With the Innovators
In an effort to take readers behind the scenes, PMO conducts interviews with leaders in all sectors of the personalized medicine continuum and brings you their game-changing strategies, missions, and impact on personalizing oncology care

An important variable in practicing personalized medicine is the vehicle by which it is covered. PMO covers the payers’ perspective on effectively implementing personalized care in the oncology community

It is our pleasure to serve you as Editors in Chief of PMO. If ever you have a request for a topic, or feedback on our journal, please contact our Editorial Director, Kristin Siyahian, at

Our very best to you this holiday season and in the New Year.


Al B. Benson III, MD

Sanjiv S. Agarwala, MD

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