July 2015, Vol. 2, No. 4

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Sharing Experiences with Immunotherapy: Call for Case Studies

Letter to Our Readers

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to offer this issue of Immunotherapy in Oncology (ITO). This is truly an inspiring time in medicine with many promising advances in use and on the horizon. The initial breakthroughs in immunotherapy have prompted great applause but have given way to the immense body of work still required to see the possibilities to fruition. It is our intent to provide the forum where the latest, most impactful information about immunotherapy in oncology is exchanged, with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians to provide the best care to patients.

One of the ways in which we can best learn from each other is by the sharing of experiences. In this issue, you will find a description of the proceedings from a panel that convened at the World Cutaneous Malignancies Congress to discuss a patient with basal cell carcinoma. I had the pleasure of participating on this panel and found the exchange stimulating. We are interested in creating that type of exchange within our pages and on our website. We would very much like to hear from you with case study submissions. Have you had an interesting case from which your peers could benefit? Please consider sharing your cases and lessons learned with us at KSiyahian@the-lynx-group.com.

Immunotherapy as monotherapy or in combination with targeted therapies represents the new frontier of medicine: the potential is vast and thrilling, but much remains unknown. As new discoveries are made, we will cover them here with expert commentaries on how to incorporate them into your practice.

As always, thank you for your loyal readership. On behalf of the entire editorial board, it is our pleasure to serve you, and we are very much looking forward to your contributions to ITO.


Sanjiv S. Agarwala, MD
Editor in Chief
Immunotherapy in Oncology

National Comprehensive Cancer Network - July 7, 2015

Checkpoint Blockade: Durable Responses in Lung and Kidney Cancers and Metastatic Melanoma

A new guideline from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) incorporates nivolumab as subsequent therapy for metastatic squamous non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) following its recent FDA approval. In advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), immune checkpoint blockade may provide a new approach to treat this disease, with durable responses achieved [ Read More ]

Uncategorized - July 7, 2015

Checkpoint Modulation for Lung Cancer

Numerous clinical studies are under way investigating the blockade of inhibitory “checkpoint pathways” to enhance the antitumor immune response One promising approach to treating lung cancer involves augmenting the existing antitumor immune responses through blockade of inhibitory checkpoint pathways (ie, natural mechanisms that serve to limit the immune response).1 Checkpoint [ Read More ]