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579article: Stakeholder’s Perspective: Physician Considerations
579article: History and Characterization of Bendamustine
578article: Stakeholder’s Perspective: Nursing
578article: Stakeholder’s Perspective: Physician
578article: Stakeholders Perspective: Pharmacy
578article: Overview of Palliation in Cancer
578article: Changing the Image of Palliative Care
577article: Companion Diagnostics and the Paradoxical Return of the Blockbuster Drug
577article: The New Therapeutic Paradigm for Personalized Therapy of Melanoma
577article: Institute of Medicine Report: Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America. Highlights for the Cancer Community
577article: KRAS and Colorectal Cancer: Shades of Gray
577article: Lynch Syndrome:

An Interview with the Father of Hereditary Cancer Detection and Prevention, Henry T. Lynch, MD

577article: Genetic Targets Identified in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
577article: Activating HER2 Mutations Found in HER2-Negative Patients
577article: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Is Effective, Cost Saving, and Convenient for Patients With Prostate Cancer
577article: Memantine Delays Cognitive Decline in Patients With Brain Metastases Treated With Whole-Brain Radiation
577article: Newer More Costly Radiation Technologies Adopted in the Elderly
577article: Two Studies Show That Radiation Extends Survival in Elderly Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer
577article: Ibrutinib: Proof of Concept Pays Off
576article: A Personal Introduction and Invitation to Join My Journey Through the World of Personalized Medicine
576article: The Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network: A National Strategy for the Development and Implementation of Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer
576article: The Role of Personalized Therapy in the Management of Multiple Myeloma: Case Study of a Patient With a Cytogenetic Abnormality
576article: Cultivating Personalized Medicine Clinical Acumen in the Management of Breast Cancer:

An Interview with Edith Perez, MD

576article: Whole Genome Testing Moves Forward in Breast Cancer
576article: EGFR Mutations, Not KRAS Mutations, May Be Predictive for Sorafenib Response in Advanced NSCLC
576article: Crizotinib Extends Survival Versus Chemotherapy in Advanced NSCLC
576article: Frontline Therapy of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: Pazopanib as Effective as Sunitinib
568article: Pharmacogenomics in Cancer Care: Adding Some Science to the Art of Medicine
568article: Personalized Therapy in the Management of Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)
568article: Adaptive Clinical Trial Design: From Simple Dose-Finding Trials to Large-Scale Personalized Medicine Trials
568article: Novel Approaches to Delivering Personalized Medicine:

An Interview with Thomas C. Reynolds, MD, PhD

568article: New Approach for Predicting Treatment-Related Side Effects
568article: Progressive Myeloma Responds to Monoclonal Antibody
568article: Targeted Drug Leads to Marked Responses in NSCLC
568article: Mucositis Management to Become More Personalized
568article: Progress in Treating Prostate Cancer
568article: Risk of Cardiotoxicity With Targeted Therapies Exaggerated
568article: Severe Diarrhea Associated With Molecularly Targeted Agents Can Impact Quality of Life and Healthcare Resource Utilization
568article: Weightlifting in Women at Risk for Breast Cancer–Related Lymphedema
568article: Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer
568article: Older Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma
568article: Team Approach Enhances Choice of Observation in Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
568article: Surgery Versus Observation for Localized Prostate Cancer
544article: Which Breast Cancer Patients Should Receive Adjuvant Chemotherapy?
544article: Facilitating the Next Generation of Precision Medicine in Oncology
544article: Incorporating Genomics Into Practice:

An Interview with Kimberly J. Popovits

544article: Prostate Cancer Roundup
544article: New Targeted Therapies and New Biomarkers Explored at ASCO 2012
514article: Crizotinib Miracle: A Nursing Perspective
514article: Management of Ipilimumab-Related Toxicities
514article: Rapid Changes in Reimbursement Protocols for Molecular Tests
514article: Implementing the Promise of Personalized Cancer Care
514article: Personalized Medicine Advances in Melanoma: An Interview With K. Peter Hirth, PhD
514article: Personalizing Therapeutics for Melanoma in the 21st Century
514article: ALK-Targeted Agent Has High Activity in Some Childhood Cancers
514article: Neoadjuvant Abiraterone Potential Approach
514article: Dual Targeting in Advanced Melanoma Encouraging
436article: Cancer Care Grand Rounds
436article: Precision Medicine: Applying Predictive and Prognostic Indices to Risk-Adapted Treatment Selection
436article: Accelerating Personalized Medicine Approaches in Multiple Myeloma: An Interview With Kathy Giusti and Deborah Dunsire, MD
436article: Clinical Trial Designs for Biomarker Evaluation
436article: What Oncologists Need to Know About 7 New Agents
436article: New Agents Prove Potent Against HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
436article: Immunotherapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer May Be Underutilized
436article: Global Biomarkers Consortium — Implementing the Promise of Personalized Cancer Care
436article: Personalized Medicine in Oncology: The Landscape of the Next Generation of Cancer Care