Letter to Our Readers

The Full Spectrum of Knowledge Driving Personalized Medicine

Dear Colleague, One of the fascinating aspects of personalized medicine is the recognition of how each component relates to all other components. Take this month’s “The Last Word” column, where one of healthcare’s premier policy authorities, Kip Piper, weighs in on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on cancer [ Read More ]

The Value of Personalized Medicine in Oncology

Dear Colleague, Personalized Medicine in Oncology (PMO) organizes the vastly complex forces of personalized medicine into an approachable model of cancer care: Identifying the genetic mutations and biological derangements that drive tumors Translating genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics into real-world clinical strategies Anticipating payers’ increasing demands for prior authorization of biological [ Read More ]

The Importance of the Multidisciplinary Team in Personalizing Care

Dear Colleague, One of the things that sets oncology care apart from the care of other illnesses is the necessity for the patient to be under the care of a multidisciplinary team. A patient with a cardiac issue may be managed just fine by a cardiologist. A patient diagnosed with [ Read More ]

Illustrating the New Era of Personalized Medicine

Dear Colleague, It gives us great pleasure to present this issue of Personalized Medicine in Oncology (PMO). Over the past several months, we have thoroughly examined every aspect of the journal – appearance, readability, and most importantly, editorial content. You will see the result of our efforts in the following [ Read More ]

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